Turtleback Mountain


Why People Love Orcas Year Round

People often ask me if I live on Orcas year round and I do! I love Orcas in every season because of the feeling it gives me. It is an extremely peaceful place. A haven of seclusion and tranquility.

The truth is Orcas is lovely no matter the season! As the summer turns to fall, things start to calm down and you enjoy the harvest season with all the local farmers. The winter brings cozy nights in watching the fire with friends. And spring is the most lovely, with the island turning into a thousand shades of green! Even with the rainy season that starts in October and ends in April, the winter is never extremely cold, or too hot; the weather is always mild!

Orcas Island Weather in the Spring:

Spring on Orcas is a time of shifting from the overcast and forty nine degree weather of February into the scattered sun and sometimes showers of April (averaging fifty three degrees). You’ll find lambs in the fields with the freshly blooming wildflowers, and Cascade Falls bursting with runoff. Be sure to bring a rain jacket and some boots you can get muddy on the beach in!

Orcas Island Weather in April:

April is the month the rains slow down on Orcas. The average rainfall drops an inch from the first of the month to the thirtieth and so there is more sun towards the end of the month.

Orcas Island Weather in the Summer:

In the summer, Orcas island is a warm adventure and relaxation paradise. The hot summer rays are made softer by the cool sea breeze that blows off the Salish seas, making it the best time to enjoy the outdoors of the island. It’s usually no colder than sixty degrees but can be as warm as ninety degrees! And  due to being surrounded by the ocean, the island can be very humid! Wear a tank top, but bring a sweater!


Orcas Island Weather in the Fall:

Cascade Falls

The Fall on Orcas is  a busy time for farmers and for folks making the most of the drier season. The trees start to change their color giving way for beautiful views of the forests and beaches on this little island. September is lovely as the summer starts to cool. October gets a bit more blustery and wet. Starting in November, the chances of rain are higher than fifty percent and the winter winds get a little bit blustery.


Orcas Island Weather in the Winter:

Mountain Lake

The winter on Orcas is a quiet and wet time. As the people of the island replenish from the craziness of summer, the Island seems to do the same! Town is almost silent with the sprinkling of rain against the pines. The overcast skies perpetually drip with cleansing rain and the winds blow the trees back and forth. The smell of sweet, clean oxygen is prominent. It’s a good time to get away from the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

The wettest month of the whole year is December. The winds are faster, and the average temperature can be from thirty six degrees to early forties. Certainly bring a good winter coat and gloves if you plan on doing some outdoor activities.

It does not usually snow on Orcas. However, every once in a while there will be a random snow storm so of course come prepared! I’ve seen snow on Orcas only twice! Once when I was very little we got snowed in at my grandpas house up on Vusario road! We built fires all night long and snowmen all day long. More recently, two years ago there was a little under a foot of snow!