How It Works

We Make It Easy!

Renting with is a seamless experience designed to maximize your time on Orcas Island. Here’s how it works:

  1. All reservations must be made online through
  2. Sign our rental agreement via DocuSign and submit a photo of your valid Drivers License and Insurance Policy Card
  3. Upon your arrival to the island, your car will be waiting for you at your specified pickup location
  4. Notify us of your arrival and we will unlock your car via its satellite technology
  5. At the time of return, park the car at your specified location and text us to confirm the car’s location. Leave the key fob in the car and we will lock it remotely!


While we do have a company headquarters office on the island, we do not rent vehicles from there. All of our vehicles are rented from conveniently located locations around the island.


There is no selected car class in current office. Please choose another Class!