Cancellation Policy

Your rental rate is calculated based on the information provided at the time of booking. Any change to a reservation will be recalculated based on the availability and prices at the time the change is made. This may be greater or lesser than the price originally booked. This applies to changes made to:

  • Drop off location
  • Pick up date and time
  • Drop off time and date
  • Vehicle package
  • All other vehicle add-ons

Any changes to a reservation must be done by emailing Please include your reservation number in the subject of your email.

A 10% cancellation fee will be charged for all reservation cancellations. Once your payment is submitted, our credit card processor and bank charges us fees immediately. This 10% fee covers our hard costs.

Reservations canceled 48 hours before the designated pickup time will be charged the above mentioned 10% cancellation fee in addition to 1 full day rental amount.

Reservations canceled within 48 hours of the designated pickup time will not be refunded.

If you fail to cancel your reservation prior to the Pick Up Time and do not collect the vehicle on the Pick-Up Date, or if you fail to comply with the Terms of the Rental Agreement, no portion of the prepaid amount will be refunded.

Refunds will go back on the card that the original reservation was made on.