Sometimes called the Emerald Isle by locals, Orcas Island is the ultimate vacation destination for those looking to escape their daily routine and go on the ultimate adventure. Green, lush forests, tranquil lakes, majestic wildlife, fantastic foods, and fine art – it’s no wonder many visitors to the island eventually find permanent residents here, including household names such as superstar media mogul Oprah Winfrey, who recently purchased an $8.3 million-dollar compound on the island.

Orcas Island Airport Car Rental

Orcas Island has something for everyone. If you’re looking to enjoy the peace and tranquility of nature, take a ride on a wildlife and whale watching tour to catch a glimpse of the Orca whales and other marine life that inhabit the nearby waters or a scenic hike through Moran State Park, where you’re likely to find wild deer, rabbits, and foxes roaming the natural landscapes.

Alternatively, if you’re visiting the island for a taste of culture and fine dining, you can satisfy your pallet or shopping needs in Eastsound, Deer Harbor, or Olga – these villages are perfect destinations for foodies, shoppers, and art enthusiasts alike.

To put it simply, whether you’re travelling to Orcas Island in hopes of reconnecting with nature, a shopaholic looking to get your hands on some amazing loot, a lover of museums and fine art, or just hoping to explore everything this incredible island has to offer, you’ll find everything you want right here.

Orcas Island Airport Car Rental

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Orcas Island Airport Car Rental

How to Get to Orcas Island from Seattle

There are several different modes of transportation to reach Orcas Island from Seattle, Washington. Many visitors choose to hop on one of the Washington State Ferries from Anacortes, while others simply sail in by way of a private boat to reach the island.

Additionally, you can also choose to book a flight to the island using Kenmore Air, which has daily seaplane flights landing right on the island.

How Long is the Ferry from Anacortes to Orcas Island?

The ride from Anacortes to Orcas Island on the Washington State ferry is surprisingly quick, lasting only around 50 min to an hour depending on the route that is taken. Below are some important things to take note of when considering the ferry as your method of transport.

If you’re planning on taking the ferry to Orcas Island, it’s highly recommended that you arrive earlier than the time your ferry is expected to disembark.

Orcas Island Airport Car Rental

For walk-on passengers, ensure that you are ready and prepared to board no later than five minutes before departure, but we recommend 15-20 minutes. However, if you’re hoping to bring your personal vehicle along for the ride to Orcas Island, you will need to schedule reservations for this in advance. Additionally, it’s important to have your vehicle in line for loading at least 30 minutes prior to the ferry’s departure. Additional fees may be charged depending on the size of your vehicle.

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Where Is Orcas Island Washington

Orcas Island is located in San Juan County, Washington. It is one of the four popular island destinations located in the Northwestern corner of Washington State. Orcas Island is actually the largest of all its neighboring islands.

Fun fact:

There are roughly 172 named reefs and islands located in San Juan County. However, there are only four that are served by the Washington State Ferry – San Juan Island, Friday Harbor, Lopez Island, and Orcas Island.

Orcas Island Airport Car Rental

How to Get to San Juan Island from Seattle

Often, the most convenient and popular way travelers reach San Juan Island from Seattle is flying via Kenmore Air, an American airline Located in Kenmore, Washington – just north of Seattle. Kenmore Air offers flights to Orcas Island, as well as other neighboring San Juan Islands, by either seaplane or airplane.

Additionally, San Juan Airlines offers daily scenic, charter, and scheduled flights to the islands of San Juan from Bellingham, Anacortes, and Seattle.

When to see Orcas in San Juan Islands

If you’re hoping to see Orca whales on your visit to the San Juan Islands, it may be good to schedule your trip around certain times in the year when the whales are most prevalent.

Though Orcas can be seen all throughout the year, the best times to go whale watching is most often between May and October. This is because salmon runs are at their strongest during these times, so whales will be more present during their search for food.

Orcas Island Airport Car Rental

Orcas Island Car Rental

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